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benda paling ana inginkan..
ramadhan tidak lama lagi
susah .. cubaan dari Allah
Program Aku Jiwa Pahlawan
keistimewaan menjaga solah dan seksaan meringankan...
kemas dapur
btanye didalam kelas banyak kali
latihan XPDC, kembali pada zaman kanak2...
pantun antara ku dan alya tentang acyah yg lena di...
iftar form 2.. puasa.. ngee..

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Written at Sabtu, 14 Ogos 2010 | back to top

All in myself
Id realize that those were yours
Im just a tiny thing that always make mistakes
Begging to you to take my apology
and let the right path in front of my eyes
Until I reach your paradise

When the time gets hard
Theres no way to turn
As You promise
You will always be there
-diubahsuai>Maher Zain , Always Be There